Terms and conditions for booking and payments through St. George Sports Complex Platform


1. The web Platform (the Platform) is a service of Wonder Group AD (“The Company”, “Wonder Group”, “we”, “us”, “our”), UIC 201181897, whereas the “service” should be understood as a website, application or other service of the information society, which is provided by Wonder Group and which requires the creation of a user profile and authentication in order to access and use it. The mobile application is a related to it service. Beside the terms agreed above, the following words and expression in these General Terms and Conditions will have the following meaning:

User and/ or client – each registered to the Platform profile that is interested in or is using a service/ services provided by the Trader. The Trader are to decide themselves how and what to provide to their clients.
(amended as of 01 December 2022) User – coach is a registered by an administrator user and/or a client with extended rights. User-coach may be only a swim sports coach, who would have the right to enter, correct, add and delete in the Platform the names of participants in the swimming lessons, which the coach delivers at the Sports Complex within each calendar month.
Trader – “WONDER GROUP” AD, offering rent of a hall/ halls or a sports facility, service or promoting their activity.
Site of the Trader – Sports complex (halls and facilities), located in 47, Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd., Sofia.
Rendered services – rent (booking) of sports halls (facilities) and/ or a swimming pool for the purpose of doing different kinds of sports in a specified day and time slot, as well as information for provided sports services;
Request – if a user wished to use a sports service and/ or along with it the user had additional requirements, and/ or the service is related to mass attendance, the visitor should send a request to the Trader and to describe their additional requirements in it.
Platform – a platform, rendering services to connect users and the Trader in an easy and quick fashion by using computers and mobile devices (tablets and phones), connected to the internet, as the platform consists of a website https://sport.stgeorgeschool.eu/en/, which is used to present the platform;
Booking – an electronic log in the platform data base which contains information about the user, the location (Trader’s site), the date, hour, price and duration of the booking, as well as accompanying conditions.
An Electronic QR code is a code generated through the Platform property of the Administrator.

2. These General Terms and Conditions are aiming at the regulation of the relationships between Wonder Group and the users, who use the services rendered by the Platform. In order to access the Platform and to use these services it would be necessary to register in a way, indicated by the General Terms and Conditions.

3. (1) Access to the Portal is available after registration and creation of a “User profile”. The user profile is created/ linked to an email of a user – individual at the age of 18 or more. When registering at the Platform, each of the parties – user and trader, would provide their consent for creation of a public profile that will be visible for the user, and for the trader, respectively. At Registration each client would declare that they have been acquainted and agree with the General Terms and Conditions and the Rules of St. George Sports Complex.
After creating a User profile, a confirmation email is sent to their email address to confirm the activation of their profile on the platform. The user should login into the platform, then choose and enter a password. Access to all services in the platform is granted through a combination of the email and the password, set by the user. At and on the occasion of using the platform and the services in it, Wonder Group will process users’ data pursuant to the Policy for Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection of the platform. In case of change of the data stated in the registration form, the user would be obliged to duly update the information in their user profile in the respective places or to contact us in order to make the details change. In case of an argument or of need to recover the Client’s access, it is necessary the data in the user profile in the System to be the same as the data in the official identification documents, provided by the Client.

(2) The Administrator give right for access to the Platform by a User – swim sports coach. The coach would have the right to register, to correct, to add and delete from the Platform the names of the participants in the swimming lessons they are training at the Sports Complex. The coach would add in the system the names of the participants in the swimming sports group which they teach, the day and the time of holding the training session. Registration of the names of the participants in the swimming sports group in system would not give the participants the rights of a user of the Platform but will allow tracking of the individuals who use the sports complex, foreseeing the number of attendees and would help for a better allocation of the staff occupancy and the used area.

4. Registration of users which are legal entities is not available.

5. (1) When registering at the platform, the user would provide their consent Wonder Group to send messages in any technical way: e-mail, viber, notifications, etc. when such are necessary for operation of the services, provided by the platform. The user would provide their explicit consent Wonder Group to send messages with advertising or another commercial purpose.

(2) Registration of the swimming sports participants in the Platform, administered by a User-coach pursuant to item 4 above would not grant Wonder Group AD the right to send them messages, this including with advertising or another commercial purpose, in any way whatsoever.

6. Profile deleting in the platform is performed in case of occurrence of any of the following circumstances:

a) upon specific request by the user;
b) in case of not using of the platform by the user for more than 5 years as of their last access (log) in it.
c) upon deletion on behalf of an Administrator;
d) upon deletion on the behalf of a User-coach;

7. Services rendered by the platform for booking and payments to St. George Sports Complex:
• Booking of a day and time slot to use a sports hall (facility) and/ or a swimming pool;
• Payment of the selected services to the Trader.

8. Kinds of sports and the options to make a reservation:

Sport 8. Allows purchase of a visit at specific date and time Allows purchase of a visit without specified date and time, valid for two weeks Allows purchase of a few visits valid within a month
1. Squash X    
2. Fitness   X X
3. Spinning X    
4. Table Tennis X    
5. Tennis X    
6. Swimming   X X
7. Basketball X    
8. Volleyball X    
9. Badminton X    
10. Football X    
11. Aikido Contacts with a coach    
12. Jiu-jitsu Contacts with a coach    
13. Ballet Contacts with a coach    
14. Rhythmic Gymnastics Contacts with a coach    
15. Folk Dances Contacts with a coach    
16. Modern Dances Contacts with a coach    
17. Athletics /running track/ Contacts with a coach
18. Street Basketball X    
19. Karate Contacts with a coach    
20. Yoga Contacts with a coach    

In case the User have additional requirements to the provided service, then they should submit a request to the Trader. The Trader will reply in written by email to User within a 24-hour period as of sending the request.

9. Payment conditions and confidentiality
(1) You could pay the amount due for booking of a day and time slot to use premise/s and/ or facilities online by credit/ debit cards, pursuant to a current price list. By crediting the payment under the Trader’s account, they accepts to render the selected service to the registered user. Before making the payment, the client would review the provided by the system information about the Trader to which the payment was made, a description of the deal and date and number of invoice, amount to be paid, payment fee (if applicable) and other available information about the specific payment. After making sure of their being correct (we bear no responsibility for the correctness of the data, entered by the user of the service), the client would enter the data for the card and other required information to perform the payment. In that case the system would send to Paysera, respectively to the bank that issued the card, a message to authorize the payment. If there are enough funds on the card account for making the payment, including the payment charge (if applicable), and if the total amount is within the set under the card payment limits, the operation will be performed and Paysera, respectively the bank-issuer of the card, would return to our system an authorization code to confirm the payment. The operator will then inform the Client for a successful making of the payment. The charge would be added to the payment amount.

(2) User-coaches, who would directly buy a number of visits for the participants in their groups at the Platform, would pay in person by bearing the responsibility to make the first due payment through the Platform in their own profile.

(3) If, for some reason, the payment was unsuccessful (for example the card has been blocked/ inactive, there were not enough funds, payment limits have been exceeded, etc.), Paysera would return to the system of the Operator a code for refusal of the payment, respectively the system of the Operator would inform the client that the payment has not been successful.

10. The price for a single visit or the package price for a certain type of sport have been defined as per the updated Wonder Group Price List. Wonder Group has the right to amend the Price list by duly updating the prices in the Platform.11. Payment of the service(s) is possible only after payment of their price.

11. Using the service(s) is only possible after payment of its/their value.

12. (1) After payment of the service(s), the Platform generates an automatic mail to a User, thus confirming the payment and then it sends a QR code to the user’s email. With the QR code provided, the User may access the purchased visit at the Sports complex at the reserved day and time. Depending on whether one or a few visits have been paid, the QR code will be valid for one or more visits, respectively. The Client should carry the QR code (hard copy or on their mobile device) when visiting the Sports Club. Should they not have it with them, they will not be allowed to access the Sports complex and use the reserved visit(s).

(2) After claiming and payment of visits by a User-coach in the Platform the system would generate a QR code for each stated and registered in the system individual. With this QR code the individual will be entitled to access the Sports Center together with the swimming sports coach who stated this, until the moment of exhaustion of the respective number of visits. Requesting of visits by a user-coach could be done for a period of one month as of the date of claiming these at the Platform.

(3) In all cases, the QR code is personal and is not to be remised. In case of violation of this rule, Wonder Group would have the right to deny access to the premises and the sports activities.

(4) In all cases the generated QR code is to be provided to the Reception desk at the Sports Center to be scanned and to identify the client.
Refusal of a paid booking

13. If a user made a booking and then refused to use the Trader’s services, the user agrees that he/ she has the right to cancel it within 24 hours before it has started. In the opposite case the user will be obliged to pay the Trader for the service, and if the payment was made online, the user is aware of and accepts by these General Terms and Conditions that the booking amount would not be refunded. Should the user decide to select online payment, but they refused the booking correctly, then they would be entitled to receive back the amount of the booking made, as for that purpose they should send an email to sport.complex@stgeorgeschool.eu, containing a request the booking amount to be refunded to the bank account by which they made the payment.
Refunding will be made within 48 hours as of the time when the email with the refunding request was sent. For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, “a correctly cancelled booking” would mean that the user cancelled the booking they made within 24 hours prior to its start by contacting the Trader and that the Trader had confirmed in written that the booking made would be cancelled.

14. Refunding of amount would be allowed also in case of complete impossibility on Trader’s behalf to provide the service in the booked and paid by the consumer day and time slot. Except in the explicitly described above cases, refunding of a paid amount upon request of the user would not be allowed.

15. By accessing the services in the platform, you accept and agree to observe the terms and conditions described below. In case you do not accept them, you would have no right to use the platform and the services in it.

16. To use some services, you may be required to accept the specific conditions for their use. Before you start using some of the services, the user should be informed whether Wonder Group introduced specific rules for its use. It is Wonder Group’s obligation to publish these rules at their website.

17. The visit of the user to any page in the platform, and the note that they agree with the General Terms and Conditions would be considered for acceptance and providing of consent for observation of these General Terms and Conditions.

18. Wonder Group have the right to add and stop services in the platform, to change the structure, the way of access and registration, as well as to terminate their use on the behalf of some or of all their users.

19. Wonder Group have the right to terminate unilaterally and without previous notice the access to rendered to the user services, should the latter infringe by their activities the good reputation of Wonder Group, should they violate the active legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria, the international acts or should they be threatening or impeding the use of the services on the behalf of other users. In case of a multiple request and refusal of a stated service on the behalf of the user, not informing the Trader about that, the Trader would have the right to block the access of the disloyal user to the platform.

20. Wonder Group have the right to provide the whole available information for the activities and identity of the user in case of illegal activities pursuant to these General Terms and Conditions, and at lawful request on the behalf of the competent authorities.

21. Wonder Group have the right to terminate access to services for users who use the services for commercial or advertising purposes or for the purpose of development and provision of own services, unless this has been regulated in a written agreement with Wonder Group.

22. Wonder Group have the right (however are not obliged) to suspend the access to their services in the platfrom, as well as to erase and/ or close information about and of a user in the cases when the user have not used the platform services for more than 5 (five) years

23. In the cases of suspension of the access to services, rendered by the platform, Wonder Group would bear no responsibility if there was personal data loss, this including keeping of invoices, payment information and others.

24. Wonder group bears no responsibility for interruption or deterioration of the quality of the rendered services due to force majeure under the Commercial act meaning or due to network overload.

25. The user should keep the registration data above and should not share them with third parties. The user are fully responsible for acts, performed by third parties in case of access to the platform and/ or when using the services within it/ for access to information concerning their registration data. Wonder Group bears no responsibility in the cases described above. The user would bear full responsibility for keeping their password for access to the Platform safe from third parties, respectively the password for access through mobile devices. In case the User suspected that one way or another their password became known by third parties, then they should immediately change it and inform Wonder Group of that fact.

26. Wonder Group would bear no responsibility for possible loss suffered, for missed benefits or for other damage caused to a user as a result of use of services through the platform by them or as a result of impossibility to use the services.

27. The platfrom would bear no responsibility for any direct, indirect, accidental, specific or intentionally caused damage or loss or for interruption of the business activity due to the use or the impossibility to use the platform or a service from it, even if Wonder Group were warned or if it could have reasonably assumed the possibility of such damage.

28. Wonder Group would bear no responsibility for a User’s inability to use each separate service.

29. Wonder Group would bear no responsibility in case of claims, raised by third parties against a User, and which are related to the use of services.

30. Wonder Group (their managers, employees, etc.) would bear no responsibility for the user’s health status while using the booked and paid services. The user hereby declare that their health status allows use of the services.

31.Services in the platform may only be used by a user, who accepted the current General Terms and Conditions and the specific conditions for use of the respective services, should there be any.

32. User are considered to be informed in case of a probable change in the described General Terms and Conditions provided that the latter have been updated.

33. User are responsible for any attempts to acquire unauthorized access to other users’ profiles and user information.

34. User are obliged to use the service, rendered to them in a way that does not harm the normal operation of the service.

35. User cannot have any claims to Wonder Group for non-performed payment in case:
* their bank – for one reason or another – refused to make this payment,
* their bank is unable to make the payment – no matter the reasons (the bank being placed under special supervision, its being declared to bankrupt, being in temporary insolvency, etc.);

36. Wonder Group would never, for any reason, send e-mails to invite the users to update their data and profile in the platform or to provide their password and/ or username, any card details or other identification data. In case a User received a message of this kind, he/she should consider it as an attempt of fraud and should not under any circumstances open the links stated in them, nor should he/she enter his/her personal and/ or financial details.

37. Wonder Group reserve their right to amend the current General Terms and Conditions, as the probable amendments will be effective as of the date of their being published on the website.

38. The whole content of https://sport.stgeorgeschool.eu/en/ has been protected by copyright in compliance with the effective legal provisions. User are not allowed to copy, keep, disseminate, provide to third parties or to use in commercial way any part of the platform contents without having received the preliminary explicit written consent by the Trader.
All elements of https://sport.stgeorgeschool.eu/en/, including, but not limited to: trademarks, logos, images, controls, program code, audio, video, interface, texts, etc. belong to Wonder Group AD and are a subject of protection by the Act for Copyright and its Related Rights.
39. 38. All users accepted and are obliged to observe the contents of the Confidentiality Policy, published the website – https://sport.stgeorgeschool.eu/politika-za-poveritelnost/?lang=bg
40. For all issues not settled in these General Terms and Conditions shall be applied the regulations of the effective Bulgarian legislation.

05 October 2023

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